Everything was born by chance,

but now we have a Mission to accomplished…


Save the old kite sails from garbage

and give our contribute to preserve the Planet



Killykite was developed in 2015 by a kitesurf fanatic, Marco Tagliaferri alias “the Killer”, when a friend of him damaged his kite sail on the rocks during a massive NE winter swell.
The sail was to be thrown away, completly destroyed, but his friend said to Marco: ” I don’t wanna thrown it in the landfill, I have too much beautiful memories…Why don’t we recycle it in a jacket ? Let’s give him a second life! “

Great idea!

But how ?

Some part of kite’s fabric was still good and Marco told the idea to his mother, a retired high fashion designer, and she made something of Unique, an handcrafted jacket from the old, destroyed and useless kite sail.

It was awesome and they have saved the kite sail from a shameful end as well.

After this first model, many friends of “Killer” felt in love of the products created by recycling the old sails and soon were born a lot of wonderful bags and other clothes.


KillyKite brand born from the Marco’s nickname: Killer. We can not reveal you the origin of this nickname… you know…  ; )


Our mission now is to give a second life to our loved kite sails, which they’ve followed us for hundreds of adventures in sea or mountains and too many times are abandoned in some forget place, where they can’t see the sun light as they’d deserve.

We make this real realizing ecologic and one of-a-kind fashion products, thus the kites’s souls to born again.


Every jacket or bag are not equal to an other one, if you buy a KillyKite product you’re buying a one of a kind piece, that no one else could will ever have.


All the kite’s addicted are respectful and loving the environment, the source of their fun. For that reason KillyKite donates the 5% of the sales to the oceancleanup project, a company that have the ocean cleaning as goal.


Help us to spread out our Recycling message to the World !

Marco Killykite


Owner & Designer
Ines Killykite


After a research and selection of dismissed kite sails, our designers give to them a new life realizing Amazing items for all the kite sailing and fashion lovers

Don’t you know what is Kitesurf ???!!!

Are you joking ?!


It’s better to take a look on this video. Fullscreen is required.