Shopper beach bag for eccentric and unusual girls.

The Tarifa Tote bag is our tote bag, featuring with a little bag for your smartphone or other stuffs. It is ultralight, water-resistant, and durable. Completly open onthe top.

Naturally made by reciclyng kitesurf sails.


Tarifa’s tip-of-Spain location, where the Mediterranean and the Atlantic meet. Tarifa is the kiting capital of Europe with its infamous strong winds, kitesurfers lend this ancient small settlement a refreshingly laid-back international vibe. Tarifa is the last stop in Spain before Morocco.

Made in Italy

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DACRON® or Ripstop®, ultralight technical materials, totally waterproof and tear-proof, used in the construction of kite sails.

width 48 cm x height 40 cm   (18″ 57/64 x 15″ 3/4)


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